The old box

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Sofia, Bulgaria
Sofia, Bulgaria

In the vibrant metro of Paris, you hear her. Mumbled notes are suspended in the stairwell as you descend closer to the platform until finally, you perceive each note just as distinctly as you see her player who sways and squeezes in that same old dance.

In Sarajevo, she arrived at my table, anchored by the pluck of contrabass, and echoing the tears of the singer weeping Sevdalinka.*

Her sound has bombarded passengers on many rusted trams in Sofia. Clasped in an old man’s hand, he maneuvers her and teases her, summoning the old folk modes and beckoning for a coin or two. You’re saddened if the player alights before you reach the centre . It’s a shame for the show to end before your destination is reached. Needless to say, you step into the main boulevard with an extra buoyancy and the barista is as baffled by your jocund conversation as much as your quirky attempts to order an espresso in Bulgarian.

She’s followed me, all over the world. In my travels she weaves in and out and in a pitter patter of fingers on keys I’m transported immediately, on wings of sentiment, pathos and romance.

That old box of acoustic wonders squeezes, tugs and begs you to waltz like the Bohemians, tarantella like the Italians and tango like the Argentinians. Play on accordion, play on. Dance on my friends. Dance on. 

*A traditional genre of music developed in Bosnia Herzegovina that is known for it’s slow, lilting melodies set to poetic text that is typically of a sombre, mournful or poetic nature and rendered with a passionate and emotive vocal tone. 


Diva Bombing©: Operatic Party Crashing

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Diva Bombing©: Sarah & Fabian as Rosina and Lindoro from The Barber of Seville
Sarah & Fabian diva bombing as Rosina and Lindoro from The Barber of Seville

What is Diva Bombing ©???

Imagine a party or corporate event. Not just any party. The guests are chatting and milling about, tapas going down smoothly with Champagne. Then, all of a sudden, an actor arrives and transports you to another city- Seville, Paris, Rome… And you are surrounded in a few moments by comic repartee, theatre and the golden tones of opera all within a comic sketch.
Hijacked by theatre, the room erupts in music, laughter and intrigue. Despite the French, Italian, German or Spanish that is sung, you will definitely understand the story behind the melody as two characters in complete costume play out the events with zest, humour and panache!

We will bring operas most sensational and romantic love stories right to your event!

Featured opera excerpts include-
Madame Butterfly, Romeo and Juliet, Carmen, La Boheme, Rigoletto, The Magic Flute, The Barber of Seville, The Marriage of Figaro and many more!!! We even do some Musical Theatre, Operetta & Cabaret, including hit scenes from the  Sound of Music, Candide, Oklahoma, South Pacific and West Side Story.

For an impromptu preview into Diva Bombing© at work, please click on the link below!

To book Diva Bombing© for your events or celebrations in Melbourne please contact the artists via the contact form below or call direct to +61 402 001 420


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