Mesmerized by… Stained Glass Leather Clutch, Alexander McQueen

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I’m positively enthralled by the charm of the little leather jewel toned stained glass clutch bag from Alexander McQueen’s Fall & Winter Collection, 2014. Its spectrum creates a vivid flash back to my visit to Sainte Chapelle, Paris: a golden moment in May of 2009, a fast trip by rail from the grey east Germany with it’s still naked deciduous trees to sunny Paris and her chestnut trees blossoming abundantly.

Perhaps chief designer Sarah Burton wants to remind us of our moments under the archways and flying buttresses of old euro churches, of wedding days and christenings, or perhaps we simply need to recall the summer of misdemeanors on the beach under stark sun and crave instead the shade of sacred buttresses, enveloped by cashmere, and in so doing give our sun loaded skin a little penance.


One thought on “Mesmerized by… Stained Glass Leather Clutch, Alexander McQueen

    Margaret Lobegeiger said:
    October 15, 2013 at 1:35 pm

    Its lovely, Sarah. Terry and Ros drove us to Toodyay today and are most impressed with the block and with Toodyay as a whole.Had a lovely afternoon. Sorry I missed your call. Luv u

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