Cup of Truth

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Gaping counter this morning at Cup of Truth
Gaping counter this morning at Cup of Truth

PARDON. DO YOU LOOK FOR THE TRUTH? That is what greets you if you enter their website. In capitals. Can it get more superlative than that? Obviously.

Cup of Truth is an edgy booth in the underground Degraves St subway of Campbell Arcade. I had planned to blog about this daily stop in my early morning route but had not expected to talk about ethics so much as the best mocha in town.

This morning as I strolled to the gaping counter, I noticed its absence immediately.

The Cup of Truth had gone.

Photo of the missing cup. It's simply not there.
Photo of the missing cup. It’s simply not there.

Instead of clunking their coins themselves as usual in the wide lipped red coffee cup in the style of honesty is the best policy, patrons were neatly placing their exact change on the counter. Some in little piles, others in a domino like assemblage. Regardless, it simply was not there.

I fumbled in my coin purse for my $4.50.
– Mocha please
– No worries

I feel unsettled. How can the barista say no worries? The cup of truth is gone.

As I stand with the sprawl of commuters that flock to this little subterranean caffeine utopia, I overhear the barista explain that he caught regular customers short changing their orders.

The cup of truth is now supervised for now and no one can plonk coins in it until a third employee is taken on to man it.

And fair enough.

I feel righteously indignant. These guys are geniuses (let me mention the 2013 Barista of the Year, according to the Age Good Food Guide, did go to Cup of Truth partner and frontman barista, Courtney Patterson) who provide me with a cup of truth that I carry to warm my hands and refresh my soul. Each day I sip the best blend, warm and robust in milk frothed to creamy and languid perfection. There is a split second between frothing milk to perfection and burning the bejesus out of it. There is time required to tamp the grind for each shot, there is a fastidiousness needed to wipe down the steam head post frothing, every time. The baristas’ honesty in the small things allows me walk away each day with a cup of truth of my own.

They are true to their beans at Cup of Truth. Are you? What’s in your cup of truth? Does it too need supervising?

My cup of truth today.
My cup of truth today.

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