Mundane is as Mundane Does

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I was always allergic to mundane Sundays. As a kid Sunday was the day reserved for all manner of horrid and boring things: cleaning our rooms, weeding the garden,  visiting hardware stores and billowing basket loads of washing. Since I left home, I’ve turned Sundays into a day for pastimes.


It has become so frantic of late however that Mr Divageiger and I declared an official day free of obligation. Accordingly we found ourselves doing all sorts of supposedly mundane things. Then I discovered something. Mundane is, as mundane does. If you make it mundane it will be. And we had a jolly difficult time of making this the case.

We drove to Bunnings, the local hardware store just to buy from the sausage sizzle so simplistic that sausages are not even loaded in a bread roll. We held our folds of cardboard-like white bread deliciously oozing with smoky onion, mustard and ketchup. We chuckled and almost choked as we stood outside the store trying to navigate the saucy contents into our mouths and guffawed even more as we drove away without purchasing chip board or No More Gaps or even catching a whiff of the wood chip and grease mixed aroma that is Bunnings.

We sat in a local cafe in the west, where the staff are a tad peculiar, just to see if they were even more so today. And we drank cappuccino, that mainstay elixir rather than our usual voluptuous mochas.

In the laundromat (can you get any more mundane than that?) we amused ourselves having races loading the coins faster than each other per load, with no known reward for the speediest coin loader.  Our whimsical washing machine is more than non compliant currently so this seemed to be a guarantee of meeting the mundane  and boring, but it is not my fault that someone named a dryer brand Speed Queen, just to be witty no doubt. The onus was on me to declare myself the speed queen and cavort, just a little.

Self-declared Speed Queen
Self-declared Speed Queen

We made slow cooked food that we didn’t need to babysit and garnish but even still we found ourselves exclaiming over it’s plain, austere comfort and getting rather excited that it was in fact so simple.

And it really is simple. Mundane is as mundane does.



One thought on “Mundane is as Mundane Does

    Patricia said:
    August 5, 2013 at 1:21 am

    Good. You can enjoy anything when you do it with someone you love and it doesn’t have to cost much!!

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