Kimchi nights

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My Kimchi

Tonight the icy arctic wind binges in the bay. Whirling and biting, it skews my hat and unsettles my scarf. The air jabs and teases my appetite. I’m hungry.

Maybe my craving for warmth prompts me to reach for the kimchi. So here we sit. Ensconsed in blankets, perched upright against the hardboard of the bed, eating kimchi. The astringent Gochu (chilli) infused cabbage bites my palate as I roll it in steamed rice and barley filled toasty seaweed rolls. Chopsticks move speedily, molding the barley and rice into petite little clumps. I try to assemble a perfect fold with the crisp small seaweed sheets. Perfect and proportionate the serves crackle and flake in my mouth. A basic fare we have pared it down to the staples, well Korean staples that is. Kimchi and rice I conclude is like pasta and cheese- a gastronomical love union, an affair that never grows tired.

Kimchi nights.


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