The Daily Promenade

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I met some protestors in my promenading.
I met some protestors in my promenading.

Gastronomy of the Eye (Balzac)

I think only the Europeans understand what it means to promenade. Every day you can see crowds of people just strolling up and down the street regardless of the season.

Sportswear and tracksuit pants are a rare sight because you never know who you could bump into and the last thing you want is someone thinking you are from the village. This mentality suits me well, after all I’m the girl who never goes jogging without a hair ribbon and lipstick.

Summer promenading is probably the most fun, the coffee clubs have seats outdoors and its not rare to see crowds of people chucking back espressos and blowing smoke rings while facing out to the street people watching.

What is so wonderful is that in the 19th century the perfect word was infused with richer meaning to describe the promenaders- Flâneur. Of course, it hails from France and it’s etymology is rooted in the boulevards of the Haussmanisation of Paris and the creation of a metropolis landscape.

It’s a whole genre of art- the art of flanerie (see Fournel What One Sees in the Streets of Paris, 1867). To do it well, you must simply understand that the urban territory and your meanderings through it may have no distinct pragmatic purpose.
Many philosophers declare there is no “Anglo Saxon counterpart” for this occupation. I would tend to agree. But to those of you who wish to give it a try, here is the how to;
 make sure you are dressed a little flamboyantly to cut through the crowd
walk and observe with a balance of curiosity and nonchalance
leave the Anglo Saxon environment (ideally get yourself a ticket to Paris)
Yesterday as is my custom I practised the art of Flanerie and caught the tram to the city with my pooch, Guiseppe Verdi. I soaked up the crowd, the architecture and even bought my customary gelati. I enjoyed promenading so heartily that  I didn’t get home until
C’est la vie!



2 thoughts on “The Daily Promenade

    Cate Rocchi said:
    June 21, 2013 at 2:31 am

    Sarah – I love your blog! Keep going and try to sell it to someone – I will also look out for opportunities. One of my clients Nicci Smalls has a business selling bras for small breasted women – so if you ever cover lingerie I am sure she will share the post.
    Lots of love, cate

      msdivageiger responded:
      June 21, 2013 at 5:52 am

      Wow! That is a terrific idea! I think I am the perfect person to cover THAT topic 😀 I’ll keep working on it. In a few weeks I think I will go premium.

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